Freedom's Edge - Screenplay Outline


A true story based on the photographer’s journey and imprisonment in Afghanistan in 1978.

It was early in the year of 1978 when 23 year old, blond blue-eyed Victoria, armed only with her cameras and her idealism, set out from the safe shores of her home-country, New Zealand, for Afghanistan.

 A presentiment that this was to be no ordinary journey is revealed when, travelling through the Khyber Pass on route to Kabul, Victoria recognizes the landscapes as belonging to a recent dream: A dream about war.

 In Afghanistan adventure turns to nightmare with Victoria’s arrest and imprisonment in the dilapidated women’s prison in Kabul.

 While a prisoner, political unrest builds then erupts and Afghanistan descends into war. All foreigners are ordered out of the country but Victoria, without her passport, cannot leave. Her only hope of escape is via an Afghan nobleman, Arsalan.

Poetic and visually potent Freedom’s Edge, on an historical level, provides the missing piece (the trigger point) in the jigsaw puzzle of events leading to the set of wars that destroyed the Afghanistan  of old and set in motion the current conflicts in the Middle East . On a subjective level it is the story of a strong-willed young woman who, in seeking to express her artistic vision and independence,  is engulfed in the maelstrom of a complex alien culture prey to Super-power ambitions.


Rights to the Screenplay currently under contract for international feature film development. 'BRAVO', the British Film Production Company who have taken up the gauntlet. May your courage be bounteously rewarded.

Genre: Drama/Historical drama/Thriller/Adventure/Love story.

"A powerful study of the psychology of imprisonment, as well as a portrait - in words and images - of Afghanistan in the last days before the Soviet invasion and the rise of the Taleban."
The Dominion, March 2001 - “Paperbacks” column. Reviewer: David Larsen.

"Freedom’s Edge is Victoria Ginn’s gripping account of what happens when an adventure goes off the rails."
North and South Magazine, February 2001. New Zealand Books by Chris Bourke.

"Spare, vivid, never self-indulgent, Freedom’s Edge is made even more pleasurable for the reader by the inclusion of 68 black-and-white plates printed from the films Ginn was able to recover before she left Afghanistan."
Kennedy Wayne, Signature Magazine Aug/Sept 2001.

"It’s such a reminder of the days when many people travelled in those wonderfully exotic parts of the world, and freely and easily spent all sorts of time (for all sorts of reasons) in Kabul."
Anne MacKenzie, Telefilm Canada - January 26 1998.

"In my humble opinion, the draft screenplay/outline contains all the ingredients for a riveting feature film..."
S. Wayne Clarkson, Chairman/CEO, Ontario Film Development Corporation.

"As I read the Treatment the story was happening on a screen for me... I can see the potential for a really interesting film."
Moya Wood, Feature Film Assessor, Australian Film Commission.